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Grill Front
Back of Speaker Grill
Electronics Module

AHD-i Kit

  • Easily integratable to provide long range Acoustic Communications 
  • 140 dB SPL peak acoustic output 
  • Long Range, 500 m+
  • +/- 10┬░ narrow acoustic beam
  • Optimized for human voice
  • Live & pre-recorded messages/warnings 
  • Multilingual messages
  • Built-in alert tone 
  • Mobile applications 

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Using unique and proprietary HyperSpike┬« technology, the AHD-i is an ideal acoustic hailing device that can be integrated into custom platforms to provide long range communication capabilities in a handheld device.  The AHD-i consists of two modules; the speaker assembly and the electronics module.  The Speaker Assembly houses the acoustic transducers which provide a peak sound pressure level of 140 dB at 1 meter.  The compact electronics module allows the operator to store and select prerecorded messages & alert tones, select messages & alert tones, and connect a microphone for broadcasting live messages. The electronics module also contains a port that allows for easy battery recharging.


  • Riot & crowd control
  • Military police
  • Special operations
  • Law enforcement
  • SWAT teams
  • Correctional facilities 

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