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HC2 Command and Control
HC2 Command and Control

HC2 Command and Control

  • Controls multiple MA-Series speakers
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Create Custom messages to broadcast 
  • Plug & Play installation
  • Simple user interface

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Intended to instantly communicate with geographically disparate groups, HyperSpike┬« Command & Control (HC2) enables multiple MA-Series high power speaker array systems to provide warnings and instructions to personnel from a remotely controlled central base station. With the constant need to alert and inform, the HC2 will broadcast pre-recorded or live announcements and alert tones to individual or multiple MA-series speakers; saving lives, mitigating causalities and minimizing chaos.  

The integrated base station provides the operator a simple user interface to issue commands and messages, enabling rapid alert of imminent danger and facilitating response before, during and after an event.  

The speaker/amplifier module is built using patented HyperSpike technology. The module amplifies and delivers crystal clear messages in high ambient noise environments, up to 1.5 mile radius.


  • Military Security
  • Small Craft & Vehicles
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Law Enforcement
  • Crowd Control
  • Fire Services
  • Wildlife Management 
  • Maritime
  • Border & Port Protection
  • Campus Notification 

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