Ultra Electronics USSI HyperSpike®




  • World’s first +160 dB directed voice projection system
  • Long range: 2000 m+
  • Narrow acoustic beam: +/-5°
  • Wide frequency range: 225 Hz - 12 kHz, optimized for human voice
  • STI 0.91 out of 1.0
  • Pan & tilt capability

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HyperSpike® HS-40, the loudest Acoustic Hailing Device in production, is the ideal sound solution for communicating extremely long distances and penetrating high background noise environments. 

With an acoustic footprint in excess of 2000 m, clear, intelligible messages and authoritative commands are broadcast to intended targets. Determining intent and influencing behavior, the HS-40 can produce a warning tone of 135 dB at 100 meters! 

Its breakthrough HyperSpike® technology enables the HS-40 to faithfully reproduce sound with less than 1% distortion across the entire wide frequency range. With a STI rating of 0.91 out of 1.0, the HS-40 produces clear and authoritative voice output at range.

The HS-40 is the clear choice for large scale ships and platforms with the longest range requirements.


  • Military Security
  • Maritime & Port Security
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Oil & Gas Platforms
  • Large Area Security
  • Commercial Shipping

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