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MA-1 Installation
MA-1 Installation


  • UL 1480A Listed
  • Class I, Division 2, Groups, A, B, C, and D Hazardous Locations Certified
  • High power, Omni-directional, 143 dB SPL
  • 4 square mile range of use
  • Wide frequency range: 125 Hz - 8kHz
  • STI 0.91 out of 1.0
  • 450 W peak power per side
  • Intelligible announcements and warning tones

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With the constant need to alert and inform, the HyperSpike® MA-1 is a battle-tested and battle-proven, 360° Mass Notification System. With an acoustic output of 143 dB, the lightweight MA-1 high power speaker broadcasts crystal clear voice messages and tones to a 7 sq mile area; making the MA-1 the life safety speaker of choice. 

Leading the industry in voice intelligibility, the MA-1 speaker design achieves an exceptional STI rating of 0.91 out of 1.0, ensuring commands are clearly transmitted and heard, even in high noise environments.

Housed in an all-composite, waterproof UV-resistant enclosure, the battle-tested MA-1 has become the trusted mass notification system for the US military’s forward operating bases in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Ideal for rapid deployment, the MA-1 system can go from its road case to fully operational in under five minutes.

The MA-1 is the “clear” choice for alerting and facilitating a response before, during, and after an event!


  • Emergency Notification
  • Force Protection
  • Disaster Relief Alerting
  • Temporary Alerting
  • Pier-side Alerting
  • Military Security
  • Campus Security 

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