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Ultra Electronics USSI HyperSpike®

Latest News

Ultra Electronics USSI announces $6m in orders for Ruggedized Commercial Products

Ultra Electronics USSI today announced that through April 2018 the Ruggedized Commercial Products business area has received $6 million in orders. These opportunities are a result of strategic partnerships with defense primes and systems integrators as well as diverse approaches to strategic business expansion.

The Ruggedized Commercial Products division consists of three primary business units - HyperSpike® Mass Notification Systems and Acoustic Hailing Devices, Fuel Cells, and Protective & Tactical Communication Systems. All three divisions serve diverse market needs with world-class and mission-critical ruggedized products. Applications include, but are not limited to, military, law enforcement, life safety and infrastructure.

HyperSpike® leads the recent order momentum with innovative design, development, and production of public safety and force protection systems. HyperSpike®, along with Fuel Cells and Protective & Tactical Communication Systems, continues to focus on product development for expansion into new markets. Demand noted in 2018 has increased for the technologies associated with the Ruggedized Commercial Products business area. Future order projections are anticipated to be strong for the near future for the highly active and diverse customer base.

Patrick Allison, Vice President of Business Development for USSI commented: “We are pleased to see our ruggedized commercial products chosen as the technology of choice for a host of defense, force protection and commercial applications. Our ability to innovate with products for quick adaptation to new and niche applications has positioned our business for continued growth and global success.”

Ultra Electronics  USSI is an industry leader in the design, development, and production of advanced electronics, acoustics, fuel cells and integrated sensor systems. Since its inception, USSI has grown rapidly to expand its expertise and competencies. To learn more about our business areas and engineering services, visit