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HyperSpike HS-18 Acoustic Hailing Devices Combat Proven by French Military

Columbia City, Indiana, Ultra Electronics – USSI announces today receiving exceptional feedback from the French Military deploying several HyperSpike HS-18 Acoustic Hailing Devices (AHDs). The HS-18 AHDs are being utilized to send clear voice messages to the native populations at ranges exceeding 2,000 meters.

“The French military has special needs exceeding those of other NATO countries,” reflected Martial Festoc, CEO of UWC Securite, and HyperSpike’s key Partner in France. “Our AHDs operate in diverse language environments, often needing five languages or more. The HyperSpike equipment allows our units to communicate with local non-combatants and aggressors to determine intent and reduce casualties.”

The remote-control capabilities allow the AHDs to be used while keeping personnel behind protective cover and out of harms way. The remote-control module allows operators of the HS-18 to control the AHD from up to 50 meters away. 

The HS-18 is a ruggedized, large AHD built to withstand the most demanding environmental conditions.  Using carbon fiber to reduce weight and increase durability, the HS-18 is capable of communicating over 2,000. HS-18 AHDs are deployed with units in the United States Navy and diverse military forces around the world. The HS-18 and various accessories have NATO Stock Numbers and are available for purchase from HyperSpike resellers.  The most commonly purchased accessories include protective transit case, heavy duty tripod, and extended remote-control module. 

Ultra Electronics - USSI is an innovative global supplier of highly intelligible, ruggedized, long range acoustic communication devices, and high power and commercial speaker arrays.  Being deployed world-wide, these products are used in diverse applications such as crowd control, mass notification, border/port security, law enforcement, maritime security, perimeter protection, and more. To find out more or request a demonstration, please visit www.Ultra-HyperSpike.com