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Ultra Electronics – USSI Receives Multi-Unit Order for the Oil and Gas Industry

Columbia City, Indiana (June 1, 2015) – Ultra Electronics – USSI announced today that it has received a large order for Acoustic Hailing Devices (AHD) for the oil and gas industry. The customer will utilize HyperSpike’s HS-24 AHD for bird deterrence and eradication. HyperSpike AHD’s have been deployed worldwide for several diverse applications including security, asset protection, and wildlife mitigation.

The HS-24 has a frequency range of 375 Hz-18 kHz, allowing it to play a variety of audio tones for wildlife management.  With a peak acoustic output of 153 dB, the HS-24 can penetrate high ambient background noise to effectively communicate to a long range target.  The HS-24 has a narrow acoustic beam of +/- 5 degrees for focused sound up to 1500 meters away. The HS-24 AHD is built to withstand harsh environmental elements such as rain, humidity, and extreme temperatures. 

“Wildlife mitigation is a rapidly expanding market for our company,” said James Martzall, Sales Application Manager for Ultra Electronics HyperSpike, “Our high powered speakers can be integrated with avian radar solutions providing the best asset protection system on the market.” Once integrated with avian radar, the HS-24 provides a diverse and flexible industry leading solution for wildlife management.

Ultra Electronics – USSI is an innovative global supplier of highly intelligible, ruggedized, long range acoustic communication devices and high power and commercial speaker arrays. Being deployed world-wide, these products are used in diverse applications such as crowd control, mass notification, border/port security, law enforcement, maritime security, perimeter protection, and more. To find out more or request a demonstration, please visit www.Ultra-HyperSpike.com