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Ultra Electronics USSI HyperSpike®


TCPA Omni Application
TCPA-Omni Red
TCPA Omni White
TCPA Omni Application
TCPA-Omni Red
TCPA Omni White

Omni - UL 1480 Listed Speaker

  • UL 1480 and ULC S541 listed
  • 129dB SPL
  • 1/4 mile radius communication range
  • Wide frequency range: 350Hz - 5kHz, optimized for human voice
  • 50-200 watts
  • 70v drive 
  • Intelligible voice announcements and sharp warning tones

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The TCPA-Omni is the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor mass notification needs. It is UL 1480 and ULC S541 Listed for General Notification and Fire and Emergency Signaling. The TCPA-Omni provides both crystal-clear voice and high impact tones, making it possible for one speaker to service all of your acoustic needs. 

With an STI of 0.85 out of 1.0, the Omni is the class leader in clarity. At a scant 22 pounds, and a diameter of 19 inches; with an acoustic output of 129 dB, the TCPA-Omni will be heard more than it is seen. 

The acoustic punch of the TCPA Omni allows for fewer units to be installed in large industrial complexes, increasing intelligibility while reducing installation and maintenance costs.

Sound Modeling Help 

Sound Modeling

400' x 400' area


  • Fire and life safety
  • Emergency notifications
  • Campus communications
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Corporate campuses
  • Airports/airports hangars
  • Arenas/stadiums
  • Parking structures

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