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Ultra Electronics USSI HyperSpike®




  • 138 dB SPL acoustic output
  • Long Range: 1 mile
  • Dispersion: 360 x 90
  • Wide frequency range: 425 Hz - 7kHz
  • Lightweight at 150 lbs
  • Rugged composite material

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The TCPA-4 is an omnidirectional line array system that is comprised of four TCPA directional speakers that utilize patented Hyperspike high powered speaker array technology to project intelligible voice and penetrating alert tones. The result is an industry leading line array pa system that provides unmatched clarity and intelligibility. This solution for four directional speakers is perfect for mass crisis notification in the event of an emergency.

The TCPA-4 is constructed using durable powder coated aluminum and composite materials that make the unit ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. This crisis notifications system can be used in scenarios for crowd control, college campus, and more. 

Unlike most omnidirectional speaker pa systems, the TCPA-4 speakers can articulate to vary the dispersion of the line array speakers in a manner that is most beneficial to the end user. 


  • Crowd control
  • First Responders
  • Emergency and event control
  • Border and port protection
  • Indoor and outdoor PA

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