Advanced Acoustic Modeling Options

Your Emergency Notification Design Needs to Function Perfectly - Every Time.

To reduce the risk associated with emergency notification system design, HyperSpike recommends advanced acoustic survey and modeling services.  

HyperSpike takes pride in partnering with premiere partners that offer exceptional expertise and customer service. Upholding those standards, we have partnered with dBA Design Group to provide a variety of advanced acoustic modeling services to best fit your project needs. With a history of over 20 years experience in acoustics, audio, architecture, construction and design, dBA will help reduce the risk associated with complex spaces and areas. 

The first step in the process is typically a site survey followed by a model is to exhibit the proposed design performance. Modeling can be based on simple detail and noise measurements captured for the survey.

More complex detail can be captured by using as-built architectural/construction documentation if available. In the absence of this documentation or to account for objects that represent obstructions, the site survey may include laser/photo scanning of target areas and surrounding structure or objects to account for loudspeaker locations.

The performance model can include a combination of captured data or be based on the scanning services only. The outcome of these processes will provide a complete reduction of risk and deliver an accurate, detailed representation of the design and installation.

dBA Design Group offers the following packages:

Complete Process

  • Site survey with report. Full report as a deliverable
  • Modeling defining loudspeaker locations. Drawings as deliverables
  • Construction drawings and specifications.
  • Deliverable includes up to 3 revisions working towards final approved plans and specifications.

Option to Complete Process

  • Laser/Photo Scanning of Site
  • Development rendering of 3D model in Auto Desk Revit, AutoCAD and other 3D file formats
  • Deliverables include design model with a best available detail and accuracy. The core 3D file is also provided and can be used for other purposes to facilitate future remodel construction unrelated to the sound system design process.

Basic Process

  • Site survey with report full report as a deliverable
  • Lower detail modeling defining loudspeaker locations. Drawing(s) as deliverables

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