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Redefining multi-domain C2I

Battlespace Awareness powered by ADSI

The Air Defense Systems Integrator (ADSI®) is the most interoperable, real-time, tactical command, control and intelligence system offered anywhere. With more than 2,500 ADSI products installed worldwide, the combat-proven ADSI remains unmatched in its ability to provide joint-certified tactical data link forwarding software combined with an unparalleled number of tactical data link, radar and electronic intelligence interfaces.

Deployed in every environment worldwide

For over 30 years the U.S. military has relied on ADSI during every major crisis. Today, it is used on aircraft carriers and command ships, in tactical and air operations centers, in airspace integration systems and in joint command centers around the world. ADSI supports critical missions by integrating land, air and sea domains, providing command and control of tactical units and reporting real-time sensor information across the battlespace.

Multi-domain C2I solutions to support the JADC2 mission

JADC2 will provide a cloud-like environment for the US DoD joint forces to share intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance data, transmitting across key communications networks, to enable faster decision making. For such an advanced network to function efficiently, technical decisions need to be taken in seconds to prioritize scarce bandwidth where and when it is needed most. ADSI supports the JADC2 mission by providing certified tactical data link forwarding and control.

Implement ADSI anywhere on any device that uses software virtualization

We’ve leveraged the latest advances in software virtualization, allowing ADSI to be used almost anywhere, on virtually any platform using standard protocols such as Link 16 and Link 22. By greatly reducing the footprint, virtual ADSI provides tremendous deployment flexibility while reducing cost and SWaP dramatically. Click below to learn more about virtualization and ADSI.

Tiny footprint opens new deployment options

All the proven functionality of ADSI is available in form factors down to 1U or less, making it easier and faster to deploy locally in any domain. For mobility, a laptop running a virtual machine operating system with the virtual ADSI, can be used in almost any environment.

Ready for next-gen applications.

Virtual ADSI is lightweight and intuitive enough to be deployed in a range of cutting-edge technologies. From tracking airborne assets in space to managing the flood of unmanned vehicles in densely-packed areas, ADSI provides the insight and decision-making speed required in high-pressure environments. When it comes to ADSI applications, the sky is the limit.

Trusted, certified and proven

MOSA-compliant ADSI delivers seamlessly integrated, certified secure messaging for JADC2/CJADC2 with wide support for MIL-standard tactical data link formats such as Link 16, Link 11, Link 22 and many more. ADSI Certifications include: US Army - Central Technical Support Facility, Army Interoperability Testing and Certification (AIC); US Air Force – AFOTEC, Air Force System Interoperability Testing (AFSIT); US Navy – NIWC PAC, Navy TDL Certification; US Marine Corps – MCTSSA, TDL Certification; and Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC).

Explore the ADSI solutions

Air Defense Systems Integrator

Air Defense Systems Integrator

Delivering robust C2 and data link forwarding, ADSI enables the warfighter to visualize the operational battlespace, manage the tactical landscape and perform Command and Control on actionable information in real-time.

Virtual ADSI
The certified, combat-proven advanced tactical data link capabilities of the ADSI software is now available on a Virtual Machine (VM).

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Advanced Tactical Airborne System

Advanced Tactical Airborne System

The ATAS interfaces with the most common MIDS, JTIDS, JTRS, SATCOM and small form factor airborne-capable Link 16 terminals, enabling multi-band connectivity with coalition forces. ATAS combines the maturity and adaptability of ADSI in flight-qualified COTS enclosures.

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Multi-Data Link Management System

Multi-Data Link Management System

MDLMS is a maritime tactical interoperability system that enables the display of multiple independent tactical displays throughout the ship. With ADSI at its core, MDLMS processes multiple tactical data links simultaneously and seamlessly.

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Real-time 3D Tactical Display for ADSI

Real-time 3D Tactical Display for ADSI

TacViewC2 is the universal flight data analysis tool that gives you the power to easily record, analyze and understand any flight in a fraction of the time compared to a traditional debriefing. Maintain a complete view of the operational theater with real-time responsiveness.

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Sensor Integration Tracking and Correlation for ADSI

Sensor Integration Tracking and Correlation for ADSI

ACTS delivers reliable and synchronized management of information on the battlefield, combined with easy to use, seamless sensor integration to offer high performance in real-time. Configurable from any system through a standard web browser, ACTS provides ADSI-based state-of-the-art multi-source integration.

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ADSI-based C2 Training and Simulation

ADSI-based C2 Training and Simulation

JET is an integrated suite of training and simulation tools for training JICOs and their teams which is deployed by the U.S. Air National Guard. Based on ADSI technology, JET allows warfighters to simultaneously manage simulated data links.

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