Key management

Ensure data integrity with military grade cryptographic key management.

Boasting the highest levels of military and NIST certifications, our cryptographic key management solutions provide the protection and assurance required by military and civilian organisations.


KeyperPLUS secures the most sensitive data and information systems, employing a next generation flexible crypto platform that provides the highest level of assurance over the integrity of the information it holds.

Where cryptographic security is critical, such as for businesses in PKI, VPN and internet security, only a physically separate Hardware Security Module (HSM) offers a level of security that provides reassurance that the integrity of essential data is maintained, making it a critical element in any security system.

Robust and reliable HSM technologies offer the ultimate layer of protection for sensitive information, going far beyond the layers of security offered by mediums including software, smart cards and USB tokens. The security of the underlying signing and encryption keys ensures the protection of those elements critical to the security of the system.

KeyperPLUS has been specifically designed to limit all potential points of access with a tamper-resistant design, ensuring only those with intended permission are able to access the sensitive data it protects. Through vigorous and careful management of any areas of physical or digital infiltration, KeyperPLUS delivers a robust solution that meets the most stringent of security standards.

Based on this core technology, Ultra has built a product range to cater to the PKI, VPN and Internet security markets. The KeyperPLUS HSM is ideally suited to businesses deploying a cryptographic system where the protection of cryptographic keys is a priority, for example, in organisations requiring certificate signing, code or document signing, bulk generation or ciphering of keys or data.


CARDS is a web-based application that provides full life-cycle support for an organisation’s COMSEC assets and automates all management-related tasks within an organisation. CARDS supports the “business” of COMSEC.

From key managers sitting at the COR to COMSEC custodians and everyone in between, CARDS has functionality for everyone in the COMSEC umbrella. Based on a central database, CARDS lets each user have access to the information they need (and only the information they need) in real time, simplifying and automating the task of running a COMSEC organization. CARDS saves an organisation time and money, minimising potentially costly mistakes.

Remote Cryptographic Management System

The Remote Cryptographic Management System (RCMS) provides monitoring control and key delivery to dispersed stations over TCP/IP networks to greatly enhance access to remote locations, lower travel requirements and improve visibility of system operations. Using a net-centric approach to provide secure, remote cryptographic system management, RCMS includes a software controller that provides key management capability and allows the operator to remotely load key to the MIDS terminals over a secure Ethernet LAN connection. 

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