EW Radar and Test Systems

Protecting the mission in the age of hybrid warfare with advanced electronic warfare test systems, electronic surveillance and electronic attack solutions.

The world is finding itself in a continually evolving and hazardous threat landscape where traditional warfare is paired with more advanced dangers.

We believe the best way to protect platforms, people, assets and nations from Electronic Warfare (EW) is two-fold:

  • Training operators in realistic EW equipment and scenarios
  • Improving and validating the performance of blue force systems against advanced enemy electronic threats

Effective electronic warfare training is becoming increasingly critical amid the demands of today’s operations. Equipping operators with the skills and understanding they need to successfully identify threats and take the appropriate evasive action, whatever the threat or scenario, is crucial to ensuring the success of missions whilst ensuring platform survivability and protecting people, nations and assets.

Our Electronic Warfare Simulation Technology's (EWST) long-standing success is due to its highly innovative and effective training and performance validation capabilities, combined with the highest standards in ongoing customer support. Our EWST solution specializes in market-leading, multi-spectral threat and countermeasure simulators that are designed to strengthen naval, air force, army and the defense industry’s electronic warfare testing, evaluation and training.

Designed to be future-proof, EWST’s products benefit from a modular design that can be easily updated as operational requirements change, ensuring they remain a cost-effective solution over the long term.

Radar Threat Simulation - RSS8000

The RSS8000 Radar Threat Simulator offers the latest integrated technologies for generating complex and accurate radar signals. Available in a wide variety of modular constructions ranging from small portable units to large multisource, multichannel DF systems, the RSS8000 can be configured to meet all EW system test, evaluation, and training requirements.

The RSS8000 provides an optional integrated automatic mission data set verification capability that ensures mission readiness, improves accuracy and optimises survivability by drastically reducing the time required for data set testing and verification, allowing Navy, Army and Air Force personnel to carry out safe and effective EW operational support activities. This advanced simulator has the capability to deliver both dynamic platform scenarios and static emitter scripts to suit all levels of emitter generation. 

Radar Target Generation and Electronic Countermeasure Simulation (CHAMELEON)

Radar systems are used in various applications and serve unique needs, and radar signal generation and processing techniques are growing ever more advanced. These advances are being driven by the need to improve resolution and the ability to detect targets  when they are very close together. Test, measurement and verification of radar systems are necessary to ensure they are both functioning to specification and meeting customer requirements. Extensive field tests are often used to test an entire radar system however, this is both costly and requires a great deal of time. To reduce test complexity and cost, radar target generation becomes critically important.

Our ground-breaking CHAMELEON, a radar target generator and electronic countermeasures (ECM) simulator, provides the highest fidelity multidimensional view of targets available in the market.

CHAMELEON employs 5th generation DRFM (Digital RF Memory) technology which provides target fidelity through its use of up to 24 truly independent multiple scatterers, greatly advancing the industry standard. This results in an improved interpretation of the target and as a result, an improved ability to represent the return signal.

CHAMELEON is fully programmable, with an enhanced 1.2GHz of instantaneous bandwidth and is compatible with all of the latest radar technology. The simulator provides real-time, high performance signal generation and boasts features such as 3D radar target modelling with true multi-point scatterers.

Open Range Systems - MERTS

MERTS (Mobile EW and Radar Test System) provides a fully mobile, turnkey test and evaluation capability for field applications and can include both the Chameleon and RSS8000 systems integrated into one operational unit.

This mobile EW test and mobile radar test equipment is housed in an air conditioned ISO container and enables open range testing of EW and radar systems as well as operator training.

Flight Line Test Systems - PTS8000

To combat potential adversaries looking to develop increasingly advanced technologies to defeat modern aircraft, today’s fighters and upgraded electronic warfare (EW) systems on legacy fighters require advanced high fidelity radar threat and radar target simulators. This ensures that aircrew have the skills and knowledge they need to identify threats and take action that will ensure the safety of soldiers and costly assets, whilst also ensuring mission success.

Our PTS8000 Multi Spectral Test Set enables flight technicians to comprehensively check the operational status of platform defensive aid systems like ECM simulators with a battery powered handheld device, negating the need for costly and cumbersome simulation equipment being deployed to the flight line or hangar environments.

Threats to an aircraft come in all shapes and sizes and can operate over many parts of the electromagnetic spectrum channel. The PTS family of simulators provides flexibility, with the ability to provide flightline RF testers, flightline UV testers and flightline IR testers. 

Portable Radar Simulator - PRS

The PRS provides a cost-effective, transportable alternative test and training solution for helicopters, ships and low & slow transport aircraft applications. The PRS
is available in 2 variants depending on level of test complexity desired.

PRS 1: A programmable system capable of single threat transmission which utilizes the COTS technology featured in the PTS8000 flight line confidence tester.

PRS 2: A programmable system capable of complex multi-threat transmission which utilizes the COTS technology featured in the RSS8000/CP.

Both of the above systems include a Portable Antenna System and 100W Amplifier module to generate the required RF power levels to enable short-to-medium range free space radiation at various platforms for training or for validation & verification applications.
Platform tracking is achieved by use of a HD video camera mounted on a motorized pan/tilt head controlled via an auto tracking software package, emitters can be switched on/off via the GUI.

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