Syn-Apps and HyperSpike Align to Protect Campuses with Intelligible Mass Notification Solutions

01 May 2020

Portland, OR May 1, 2020 — Syn-Apps LLC, a pioneer in emergency mass notification solutions, announced plans to introduce IP speakers developed by HyperSpike®, a commercial division of Ultra, to its Certified Endpoint Partner Program. HyperSpike emergency notification and paging solutions exceed the highest standards of the life safety and security markets. During times of crisis, reliable and crystal clear voice notification is critical, and HyperSpike delivers best-in-class voice intelligibility through industry-leading technology that save lives.

The goal of this alliance is to make campus facilities and industrial warehouses safer in the event of an emergency by providing high-quality, intelligible audio disseminated across HyperSpike speakers and other multimodal communication channels connected to Syn-Apps’ Revolution mass notification software. HyperSpike is currently in the process of certifying select IP hardware products for interoperability with Syn-Apps’ Revolution emergency mass notification software. HyperSpike plans to go to market with these products in 2020.

“With the increasing need for reliable, multi-faceted mass notification, HyperSpike® is proud to partner with Syn-Apps to deliver a reliable and trusted solution. The integration of the Revolution software platform and HyperSpike® intelligible notification systems ensures life-savings messages will be heard and understood,” said Patrick Allison, Vice President Business Development of Ultra.

More on Syn-Apps’ Certified Endpoint Partner Program

Syn-Apps’ Certified Endpoint Partner Program expands channel reseller’s product portfolios by providing customers a trusted mass notification solution, complete with plug-and-play integration between Syn-Apps’ Revolution notification software and certified HyperSpike devices. This program helps facilitate innovation and growth between Syn-Apps and IoT hardware manufacturers while providing mutual customers with freedom of choice to deploy trusted hardware that meets their business requirements.

“We are pleased to welcome HyperSpike to our Certified Endpoint Program. Syn-Apps is passionate about interoperability and freedom of choice. We are happy to share common interests with industry leaders like HyperSpike who are committed to helping customers protect their people and property through open collaboration,” said Ian Pitts, President and CEO of Syn-Apps LLC.

Manufacturers participate in the program by integrating Syn-Apps’ API and testing their hardware for interoperability with Syn-Apps’ Revolution notification software. Use of the API is free of charge to IoT endpoint manufacturers and carries a small fee for mass notification providers that integrate Syn-Apps’ API into their own solutions. This allows them to leverage the Syn-Apps’ growing ecosystem of certified IoT devices.

To learn more, visit: • Syn-Apps’ Certified Endpoint Program – • HyperSpike –

About Syn-Apps LLC
Syn-Apps is a leader in paging and mass notification solutions designed to improve business processes, increase safety, and streamline internal and external communication. Since 2001, thousands of organizations have integrated Syn-Apps’ notification solutions with phones, paging systems, IP speakers, and hundreds of other internal systems and services.
Our customer deployments span across 35+ countries and range in verticals such as K-12, Higher Education, Government institutions, Enterprise, Retail, Healthcare, and more. We are also an OEM manufacturer of mass notification software for several Fortune 500 global companies in the Fire / Life Safety and VoIP Communications industry. For more information, visit or by phone at 1-866-664-6071.

About Ultra Ultra specializes in providing application-engineered tailored solutions. We focus on our customers’ mission critical and intelligent systems in the defense, security, critical detection & control markets. Ultra.Group

About HyperSpike Hyperspike® emergency notification and paging solutions exceed the highest standards of the life safety market. During times of crisis, reliable and crystal-clear voice notification is critical. HyperSpike® delivers best-in-class voice intelligibility, powerful acoustic output, and industry-leading technology that save lives. For more information, visit or by phone at 1-260-248-3666.

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