Ultra Electronics USSI - HyperSpike® awarded multiple unit order for HS-14 RAHD™

08 August 2017

Ultra Electronics USSI - HyperSpike® announces today that it has been awarded an order valued at over $400k for multiple HS-14 RAHD™ systems for a major defense and security prime integrator. This is the third substantial, multiple unit order for HS-14 RAHD™ to be used in U.S. infrastructure reinforcement this past year.

The HyperSpike® proprietary technology incorporated into the HS-14 RAHD™ allows for 148 dB of penetrating acoustics and authoritative verbal commands that cut through high background noise environments.

Operated remotely across an IP network, the HS-14 RAHD™ allows operators to respond to potential threats from a safe setting, creating a complete unmanned perimeter security solution with an acoustic footprint of up to 1500m.  Enhancing the remote abilities, the HS-14 RAHD™ can be configured with a video camera, search light or laser dazzler and IP-enabled sensors. These additional tools provide security personnel valuable time and information to evaluate possible intrusions.

Patrick Allison, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for HyperSpike commented: 

“The Ultra Electronics HyperSpike® team takes great pride in offering acoustic hailing solutions that strengthen our country’s safety and security.”

For additional information on Ultra Electronics USSI - HyperSpike® technology and acoustic hailing solutions visit www.ultra-hyperspike.com.


Further information about Ultra:

Ultra Electronics is an internationally successful defence, security, transport and energy company with a long track record of development and growth. The Group manages a portfolio of specialist capabilities generating innovative solutions to customer needs. Ultra applies electronic and software technologies in demanding and critical environments ranging from military applications, through safety-critical devices in aircraft, to nuclear controls and sensor measurement. These capabilities have seen the Group’s highly-differentiated products contributing to a large number of platforms and programmes.

Ultra has world-leading positions in many of its specialist capabilities and, as an independent, non-threatening partner, is able to support all of the main prime contractors in its sectors. As a result of such positioning, Ultra’s systems, equipment or services are often mission or safety-critical to the successful operation of the platform to which they contribute. In turn, this mission-criticality secures Ultra’s positions for the long-term which underpins the superior financial performance of the Group.

Ultra offers support to its customers through the design, delivery and support phases of a programme. Ultra businesses have a high degree of operational autonomy where the local management teams are empowered to devise and implement competitive strategies that reflect their expertise in their specific niches. The Group has a small head office and executive team that provide to the individual businesses the same agile, responsive support that they provide to customers, as well as formulating Ultra’s overarching, corporate strategy.

Across the Group’s three divisions, Ultra operates in the following eight market segments:

  • Aerospace
  • Land
  • Communications
  • Maritime
  • C2ISR
  • Nuclear
  • Infrastructure
  • Underwater Warfare

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