Ultra Electronics USSI Launches the HyperSpike® LineWave® Loudspeaker for Highly Reverberant Environments

03 October 2019

Ultra Electronics USSI located in Columbia City, IN today announced it is launching the HyperSpike® LineWave®, a loudspeaker solution for intelligible voice communication and emergency notification in indoor and outdoor environments. Addressing one of the most difficult challenges facing emergency notification and paging system designers, the LineWave® speaker uses technology that is essential for achieving optimal levels of speech intelligibility and powerful tones, in problematic and reverberant spaces.

The beam forming capability of the LineWave® speaker allows even acoustic coverage across the listening plane, while focusing the acoustic pattern away from surfaces that cause unwanted reflections – also referred to as reverberation. The result is clear and intelligible, direct sound that ensures critical life-saving messages are heard and understood.

The LineWave® is available in 70V distributed audio or 16/8/4 Ohm direct drive with power draw ranging from 20W to 160W. Producing a max SPL out of 105dB to 123dB, the LineWave® offers exceptional scaling capabilities for any size installation.

Patrick Allison, Vice President of Business Development commented: “We are pleased to offer a HyperSpike®  emergency notification and paging solution that uses sophisticated technology to solve a prevalent challenge in acoustic design. This release of the LineWave® speaker is the first introduction in a family of LineWave® products. The LineWave® product family will provide complete solutions for any size venue, and expands the opportunity for our Fire-Life Safety, and Security partners to provide intelligible, life-saving communication in numerous challenging environments.”

Ultra Electronics – USSI manufactures Hyperspike® emergency notification and paging solutions that exceed the highest standards of the life safety market. During times of crisis, reliable and crystal-clear voice notification is critical. HyperSpike® delivers best-in-class voice intelligibility, powerful acoustic output, and industry-leading technology that save lives.