Ultra USSI - Wattre Expand Teaming Agreement

12 February 2009

Ultra USSI and Wattre Inc announced that it has signed an exclusive teaming agreement to work together on product development, production, and sales and marketing of the patented Hyperspike family of Acoustic Hailing products.

Ultra USSI provides a global presence to market the Hyperspike product line, including domestic and international military, civilian and industrial markets. The existing network of global resellers will remain in place.

Doug Hood, Wattre Inc. Vice President, said

"This teaming agreement will provide Wattre Inc. the ability to better present our technologies to the world.  This new alliance positions our Hyperspike technology and its family of products to be firmly established as the leader in Acoustic Hailing Devices (AHDs). Other soon to be announced products will also be presented to the global market. Our commitment to providing each client with superior customer service will be strengthened by the Ultra USSI team's proven track record of engineering, manufacturing, and sales. This combination of Wattre Inc.'s technology and Ultra USSI's directly applicable DOD experience will provide our customers with a breadth and depth of capabilities truly unique in our industry."

Ultra USSI will take on the role of material procurement, manufacturing, logistics, supply chain management, testing, quality control, storage, and marketing and sales. The existing first generation Hyperspike (HS-24) system has received several improvements and is immediately available with Next Generation AHD technology which includes product enhancements such as custom amplifier, custom DSP, custom speaker drivers, and customer requested items including a waterproof MP3 player. In addition to the HS-24 system, which uses proven technologies and has been deployed throughout the world, new Hyperspike variations will quickly come online and be available for a long list of inquiring customers.  These systems include a smaller portable, hand-held device designed for shorter distances, and a larger AHD system which has been requested for use across very long distances.

In addition to Acoustic Hailing Devices, Ultra USSI and Wattre Inc. have teamed on several other projects underway for a variety of clients and applications.

Ultra USSI is an industry leader in the design, development and production of advanced electronic, electro-mechanical, and hydro-acoustic sensor and sensor systems for military, homeland security, and commercial applications. Ultra USSI is an innovator of sonar algorithms, surveillance systems, and signal processing solutions. Ultra USSI is a proven supplier of cost effective sonobuoys and bathythermal buoys for Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) platforms worldwide. Ultra USSI also provides Personnel Communication Systems to the military and first responder marketplace.

Wattre Inc. is a privately held technology firm whose headquarters are in Woodburn, IN. Wattre's unique and patented technologies include the fields of acoustics, communications, RF, microwave, optics and others. Existing Wattre Inc. products, including the Hyperspike HS-24, have been purchased domestically and internationally by AHD customers including the US Coast Guard, US Border Patrol, Sri Lanka police, as well as other foreign military and many other confidential customers.

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