Network Addressable Solutions

In an emergency situation, every second counts, so it’s imperative that a critical message is relayed as quickly as possible and understood by all. HyperSpike® provides indoor and outdoor mass notification solutions that broadcast potentially life saving voice messages and alert tones in emergency situations.

Our family of products provides this critical communication with less hardware, saving you money and resources. Engineered for quality sound, intelligibility and easy integration with existing systems, HyperSpike® products provide a complete solution for both fire alarm/signaling and general emergency notification needs.

Why HyperSpike?

  • The HyperSpike® family of products brings innovative solutions to the emergency notification industry.
  • With powerful and effective acoustics, these highly engineered systems reduce the amount of hardware, set-up, and integration needed to provide buildings and campuses with life saving alarms and emergency notification systems.
  • Our products are designed to assist with emergency notification, crowd control, mass notification, border/port security, law enforcement, maritime security and perimeter protection.

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