HyperSpike products bring revolutionary sound quality and intelligibility to the industry. Our innovative designs exceed the highest standards in military and mass notification markets.

Emergency Notification and Paging

During times of crisis, reliable and crystal-clear voice notification is critical. HyperSpike delivers industry-leading technology that save lives.

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Wide Area and Outdoor

Achieve exceptional STI ratings and ensure commands are clearly transmitted and heard; even in high noise environments.

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Turnkey packages that provide wide area intelligible communication for temporary emergency and general notification needs.

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POE Network Addressable

Intelligible acoustics and intelligent amplification for paging and general notification systems.

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Civil and Defense

Built to operate in the most demanding environments, be it the desert or sea, we have you covered. Deployed with every major military in the world, HyperSpike solutions help resolve uncertain situations while keeping personnel out of harm's way, and deterring the opposition.

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