Combining the HyperSpike HS-14 high powered acoustic technology with a remote control pan tilt system makes the HS-14 RAHD™ ideal for perimeter security and sound reinforcement applications.

Product features

  • 148 dB SPL peak acoustic output
  • Narrow acoustic beam: +/- 12°
  • Wide frequency range: 300 Hz – 8 kHz optimized for human voice
  • Communication range: 2000 meters
  • Ethernet addressable for remote capability
  • Command & Control from desktop or handheld device

With an acoustic footprint of up to 1500m, clear and authoritative voice commands are broadcast to intended targets with industry leading intelligibility. 

The HS-14 RAHD™ comes standard with the HyperSpike® Command & Control Center, providing operators with a simplified, modern control panel, allowing the user to focus on the job at hand. The Command & Control Center can be accessed from behind a desk or mobile on a wireless network while on the move, providing full functionality regardless of device size or operating system. 

Adding an HD camera and high power search light to the HS-14 RAHD™ is as simple as plug and play. The Command & Control Center is aware of attached devices and populates or omits control panels on the graphical user interface as required.  Optional specialized sensors, such as thermal imagers and laser dazzlers, can also be easily added to the product to enhance security features. 

The acoustic punch of the HS-14 speaker, combined with the HD camera and a high-powered search light, makes HS-14 RAHD™ the most robust perimeter security and sound reinforcement product on the market.


  • Military Security
  • Maritime & Port Security
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Law Enforcement
  • Oil & Gas Platforms
  • Wildlife Avoidance
  • Commercial Shipping

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